Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Aside

Hi, all. Apologies for being away so long - with the beginning of the semester, I haven't been doing much creative writing. But, I have workshop this evening, and am torn between two poems. Which should I turn in? The options are "Tysketöser" and "Dear Doctor Oppenheimer." See below, and vote away!

(* Tyskețser РNorwegian women who slept with German soldiers during World War II. They were denounced as traitors by the Norwegian government, arrested, and sent to labor camps after the war.)

****Edit: Poems have been removed due to their pending publication


  1. Both are good, but I think I like "Dear Doctor Oppenheimer" better. :-D

  2. Thanks! :) I like it better too, actually, but I can't decide if I should be trying to impress people in workshop (I realize this is not what workshop is for, but I feel the need anyway) or sending them the crappier poem so I can get some feedback on how to revise it...