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Gonesongs(forthcoming from Bellowing Ark, 2013)

The Kentucky Vein (Punkin House, 2011)

The Kentucky Vein amplifies the contemporary against the rural, the humanity within nature, and the identification of the deepest self with the landscapes of America's heartland. Exploring sun burnt necks and baptisms in lakes, gossip with horses and lessons learned from tobacco and broken china, this poetry collection roots the human spirit firmly in place in the American South. Colleen S. Harris spent nearly a decade living in Kentucky, and fell in love with the landscape, people, and history there. The Kentucky Vein is a reflection of the author’s time in – and affection for – the bluegrass state. This collection concentrates on landscape, memory, and relationships.

These Terrible Sacraments (Bellowing Ark, 2010)

"These poems have the terse clarity of an after action report; both warrior and respondent at home almost cryptic in their utterance. How better to hold horror at bay? Aphorism states: “least said, soonest mended”; here the unstated underlies every writing; knowledge informs Ms Harris’ writing with a certainly earned power, for these are mature, acute, terrifying poems, forged in the fires of anxiety and fear. Her writing remains controlled, always harnessed to the unequivocal moment. Harris is a wise teacher, and her lessons deep; you may or may not like these writings, but you will not be unmoved."

God in My Throat: The Lilith Poems(Bellowing Ark, 2009)

"God in My Throat is a sequence of dramatic monologues in the voice of the exiled Lilith, Adam’s first wife. With calm certitude, Lilith dissects and discards the patriarchy, the central Sky God and his offspring, male supremacy. Iconoclasm. Heresy. Anarchy. Well, not quite. Harris’ Lilith is a hot-blooded, but not unreasonable woman... her advice to Eve is the best of sororal wisdom... but she is not one to suffer bullies nor ego. Witty, funny, serious, lyric, often in the same poem, Harris writes with the furious energy of a Neurosurgeon excising a Grade 4 Glioma. I won’t say you’ll enjoy it...although there are those who find bull riding just another day on the job... but you won’t walk away unchanged, nor unimpressed; the energy in these poem makes me think of lightning building nearby... look for cover."

Edited Collections

Mythology and Modern Women Poets: Analysis, Teaching, and Critical Reflection - Coming in 2013 from McFarland!

Women on Poetry: Writing, Revising, Publishing and Teaching (McFarland, 2012)

"Women on Poetry is a true compilation of writing wisdom from today’s influential women"
~Leon Ogroske, editor of Writers' Journal Magazine

"This book is rich with advice and inspiration for writers of any gender, but how wonderful--and sadly still how rare--to hear it given in the voices of our mothers, daughters, and sisters."
~Rebecca Foust, author of God, Seed: Poetry & Art About the Natural World

"This excellent and most comprehensive collection of essays, by some of the finest minds in contemporary poetry, encompasses everything a student or teacher of poetry is looking for."
~Supriya Bhatnager, Director of Publications, Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP)

"From writing prompts to po-biz pointers, revision strategies to teaching tips, this anthology is a treasure trove for both emerging and established poets. Candid, compassionate, savvy, and wise, the essays in Women on Poetry will help you tap into the creative community and claim your place in the rich heritage of women writers."
~Melissa Stein, author of Rough Honey (The American Poetry Review, 2010)

"What an invaluable collection Carol Smallwood, Colleen Harris and Cynthia Brackett-Vincent have given us. The myriad of strong female voices will inspire writers not only for its content, but for its source, as well."
~Caitlin Griscom, Editor-at-Large, Mid-American Review