Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Professional - if Pooped - Poetess

Finally back home in Chattanooga after what feels like too long away. I have to admit I'm a bit of an introvert, despite my bubbly and funny social persona when I'm in a group, and being around so many people for so long has me exhausted. A colleague picked me up from the airport (thanks, Bevvie!), and dropped me at home, where I promptly did laundry, groceried, and scrubbed down the bathroom and decreased the height of a few piles of 'stuff.' All in all, relatively productive. And while I am not in the least looking forward to meeting the trainer at 8am tomorrow, I am indeed looking forward to rescuing my basset boy from the animal hospital where he's been boarding. I missed his furry little butt - he would have come in handy at the hotel, which was positively frigid. And I do love a cold room, but it's easier to fall asleep with a pupster bundled up behind your knees.

Anyway, home and looking forward to Getting Sh*t Done for the next few weeks at work. Very pleased to report that this afternoon when I got home and checked my email, I found one that included a contract from Familia Books, who picked up my poem "crochet" for their forthcoming anthology Wisdom of Our Mothers. (Please note that the contract also noted that I could collect my $100 payment upon publication, or wait until a year after publication and collect $200. Either way, this is my first paid piece. The Peripatetic Poetess is now the Professional Poetess!)


  1. wooo congratulations on getting some payment. That's pretty decent too!

  2. Hee, thanks. I was pretty excited about it. And by the time the check comes, it'll be a nice surprise, since I'll have likely forgotten all about it :)