Thursday, April 10, 2008

Submission Queen

In addition to submitting my chapbooks Carving Your Name and Summers in BayShore for the Black Lawrence Press chapbook competitions, I've also submitted Carving Your Name to Finishing Line Press. Feeling spunky, in a moment of pique, I put together my full manuscript and shipped it off to the Tupelo/CrazyHorse first book competition as well as to New Sins. This about blows my budget, so that'll have to do for now, competition-wise. I just built a humongous spreadsheet of full-length manuscript I need to go back and start listing all of the chapbook competitions. It's a nice way to keep track of approaching deadlines, not to mention the fees. There's no possible way I can enter everything, and the name of the press as well as the fees dictate when and where I send my work. (For instance, I don't know much about New Sins, other than that it was free, and I liked the chapbook they put out last year. Good enough for me.)

Right now I've got submissions in at over 25 journals, and have been bitten by the writing bug, so I may not wait the entire two months before sending out more. I even gathered up my nerve and submitted some sonnets to a new sonnets-only journal. (I figure that rejection won't hurt as much as some of the others, since I do not consider myself a sonnetteer, by any means. My goal is to write sonnets that nobody notices the rhyme scheme in - I despise end rhyme, though I know a number of poets who have done it well.)

And tonight I'll be working on my newest project, which will be a collection in the voice of Lilith. You know Lilith - not the one from Frasier. Adam's first wife, who was also made of earth, and refused to submit to him? Actually, one of the legends (from The Alphabet of Ben Sira, which I cannot get an English copy of, sine apparently the only 3 copies are in Europe) states that Lilith was a complete badass who demanded equality, and wanted to be on top. When Adam told her she was lesser and that *she* should be in the inferior position, she had the chutzpah to say God's Name and fly away instead of being subjected to the feeble missionary-style sexing of the first misogynist. C'mon, y'all. Hers is a voice that deserves its own collection, don't you think?

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