Friday, February 29, 2008

When The Poetess is in a Feel-Good Mood

When I'm in a feelgood mood, this is exactly how I feel on the inside. Nevermind that I am in jeans, a lilac blouse and a purple sweater, wearing clunky Danskos. This is who I am in my head, and we all know that's who we really are. And so yes, I am a naughty little minx of a woman in a slinky black dress and almost too-high heels, in red lipstick, lacy matching undies, and swinging one foot from the stool, because I'm short, and my feet never reach the floor. I just dress like this to keep everyone from being overwhelmed.

Feelgood Poem

Lookit how hot I am,
I'm like a big plate of YES
sittin' right here
with my legs crossed
and my eyes narrowed
in my black skirt
and my good bra
tracing your name in the air
with my dangling high heel

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